Manual lymph drainage on horses and dogs

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Manual lymph drainage on horses and dogs, spring 2020

5. March 2020 - 31. May 2020

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Manual lymph drainage on horses and dogs, module 1

5. March 2020 - 8. March 2020

Manual lymph drainage on horses and dogs, module 2

24. April 2020 - 26. April 2020

Manual lymph drainage on horses and dogs, module 3

30. May 2020 - 31. May 2020


Target audience

Veterinarians, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Masseurs, Animal Masseurs, Craniosacral Therapists, Acupuncture Meridian Massage Therapists,  all interested

Knowledge of Equine and Dog Anatomy is essential.


The lymphatic system counts as one of the most important detox mechanisms in the human and animal body. It runs through the body similarly to the blood vessel system. The lymph transports antibodies and cell blocks and is essential in the detoxication of our bodies. Manual lymph drainage is a gentle massage technique that encourages the lymph flow. Through stimulation of free nerve ends, relaxation and an overall better wellbeing are achieved. The possible applications are varied. Manual lymph drainage is relaxing, decongesting, stress-reducing, stimulates digestion, purging and detoxifying. In Competitions it can help to prevent the overacidification of muscles, as the toxins are removed quicker and the muscle regeneration is sped up. Please also pay attention to our pointers regarding the use of different massage techniques on animals!

During the course the basic techniques will be taught, as well as the possible applications of MLD on horses. During the theoretical part all participants will get an insight into the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, and the various ways that can be used for drainage for horses and dogs.

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Eveline Lugsch


Course costs: € 1280,- (payment in instalments is possible upon request) including course material, drinks, WIFI-certificate and exam fee.

As we like to make sure that it is possible to learn and practice in small groups, please take into consideration that places on our courses are limited.


Please be aware that the course can only be booked as a whole, it is not possible to book individual moduls.

1 Training Unit (TU) lasts for 50min.

After you have passed your exam successfully, you can sign up for free to be added into the list of Practioners of Manual lymph drainage on Horse and Dog on our website.